aphrodisiacs take 3: from a real doctor

I know this is the third time I’ve discussed aphrodisiacs BUT this is the first time I’ve had the results from a real doctor – or at least a dietitian who has her PhD.

Dr. Jenna A. Bell appeared on the Daily Buzz Morning Show to show viewers how to “spice up” their Valentine’s Days.

I found it awesome that her first suggestion was to eat well all year round. That’s the best advice you can give anyone. Good health equals good sex. She was also punny when she said that foods that are good for your heart (remember salmon, flaxseed, and oatmeal?) are also good for your sex life, but she seems like a credible source. Why wouldn’t feeding your heart feed your libido as well?

I was worried when she went on to suggest the infamous oysters, but she gave a reason other than the fact that they look like vaginas for why they’re aphrodisiacs: they’re full of zinc. She was even kind enough to offer a vegetarian option to the oysters: pumpkin seeds! Who knew?

According to Dr. Bell, watermelon, chili pepper, avacadoes, and a bit of alcohol are all great for your sex life!


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